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Wine Tasting

Wine Tasting & Wine Sales

There is the opportunity when with me to taste a range of wines in a comparative tasting to give you a good idea of the whole wine region of Bordeaux. Instead of taking a lunch in a restaurant this can be a good alternative. 

I work with a wine merchant who has a wonderful shop and winetasting area in St Emilion. (Wines are bought by them on the futures so prices are very reasonable*).

There are a number of standard themes (but if you would like to try a range of St Julien side-by-side for example the choice is there);

1. Bordeaux Orientation Tasting** - put things into perspective and taste a range of wines from the region and understand the right and left bank wines!

2. Food & Wine Matching - we match a range of seasonal foods from the local market including charcuterie and cheese from Pierre Rollet Gerrard

3. Same wine different vintage (vertical tasting) - to show what a difference a year makes in Bordeaux

4. Old vintages - your chance to taste some old vintages of rare wines


 * they also ship around the world with saving of VAT of 20%

** this tasting can also be done a the Maison du Vin wine bar in Bordeaux city in the evening