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Where to go?

Going off the beaten track and organise a 'personal' day tailored to you is my passion. Bordeaux has around 7000 châteaux and 65 appellations (defined wine area with its own special rules and specific characteristics). The wide Gironde Estuary and its rivers splits the vineyards of Bordeaux into two; the Right Bank (St Emilion, Pomerol, Fronsac) and the Left Bank (Medoc to the North of Bordeaux and then the regions of Graves and Sauternes to the South).

How much time do you have? If you have one day it is always difficult to say which wine region to choose but I would say the Médoc is the most unique in Bordeaux. if you are interested in the famous names. St Emilion if you are interested in history and beautiful vineyard landscapes (and of course some famous names too!). Of course the best is to have two days and visit both! Both are about one hour from the beautiful city of Bordeaux (a good place to be based). The best is to have 3 days.

Visiting Wine Properties 

    1.  Medoc (Left Bank) is the flat penninsular to the North Of Bordeaux which is home to the famous villages of Margaux, St Julien, Pauillac, St Esteèphe and its impressive châteaux (60 of which were included in the 1855 classification - driving up the famous Route de Châteaux we see many of these lining the road).
    2. St Emilion - and its neighbour Pomerol (Right Bank)  is very historical with smaller family owed châteaux and undulating vineyards.The famous medieval village  of St Emilion which dates from the 8th century sits on a limestone plateau in the centre of the region and is worth ambling around.
    3. 3. The Graves and Sauternes region is a definite third day. The Graves region starts immediately south of the city and produces the region's best dry and very fine reds. Its gravelly soils were the home to the first vines in the region. Further south is the magical Sauternes/Barsac area where the world's best sweet wines are produced.

    For more information of the wine regions, restaurants and hôtels in Bordeaux see my wine blog